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The Spa Experience At Home 

 because your journey to good health starts where you feel most comfortable

I believe that your wellbeing is a priority and you deserve a pain-free life. A spa pampering may seem a luxury, but it is in fact the physical and mental break you deserve.


I created BY STEFAN to empower you to enjoy wellbeing and self-care in the intimacy of your own safe space.

My aim is to take the traditional approach to massage and transform it into a product of art and science, so that I can bring you the most elevated at-home spa experience with our expert massage therapy in your area.

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Choose your signature massage experience

Whether an indulgent, luxury treatment or a clinical application that releases chronic pain, massage treatments BY STEFAN are tailored to your needs. 

based on Swedish Massage

An indulgent, Swedish-based massage treatment designed for busy, tired professionals.


This is the right choice for you if:

  • you crave ultra-relaxation

  • you want a better, deeper slumber

  • relieves tension headaches and tight muscles after long days at work


based on Deep Tissue massage

A deeply alleviating experience created for long-sufferers of chronic pain & old injuries


This is the right choice for you if:

  • you want to alleviate chronic pain

  • you want to improve posture and ease neck and back pain

  • you want to manage lifelong conditions


based on Sports Massage

A rejuvenating massage designed for sports and dance performers & fitness enthusiasts

This is the right choice for you if:

  • you want better range of motion and flexibility

  • you want to enhance your sports performance

  • you want to recover faster from an injury

This is a medically recognised treatment, recommended in post-surgery aftercare


This is the right choice for you if:

  • you want to reduce swelling and puffiness

  • you want to boost recovery time after illness

  • you want to relieve lymphoedema symptoms

Have we met yet?

I am Stefan!

I am a licensed massage therapist 💆 with nearly a decade of experience. I am also a former fencing champion 🤺

But before everything, I am a father 👨‍👧 My daughter drives me to do better and be more every day. 

That’s why what I deliver is unique and highly personalised with a lot of care 🤲 Every technique has a purpose. And every person is different. 

If we pay sufficient attention to the body, we get a form of instant feedback. I always listen for that feedback to get a better understanding of your condition. 

This, alongside my degree in Sports Therapy and years of experience in massage therapy is what allows me to deliver a truly unique experience to you 🙏


Because modern injuries need modern massage

Here’s why I’m the right therapist for you

Best quality of care

Every client is different, but the quality stays the same

Respect & integrity

Feeling safe and is integral to your wellbeing journey

Customer experience

I aim to always deliver a memorable massage experience 

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Wellness comes first

I envision a world where everyone has access to elite-style wellness! 

What my clients say about me

Stefan is amazing at what he does. I think I’ve been getting sports massages from him now for 4 or 5 years (obviously bit of a gap during covid) and he’s fantastic. I workout intensely and play sports and his massages really help me recover. He’s also a great guy to have a chat with when setting up & closing down. Couldn’t recommend more

Jon Blundell

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