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Book your perfect massage at home

…because there’s nothing worse than ruining the perfect massage treatment with a stressful journey through the city traffic.

I know

➡️ Your neck hurts from all those Zoom calls

➡️ Your shoulders are stiff from the daily pressures of family and work

➡️ Been a while since you last got up from your desk and gone for a walk to keep your muscles moving

You’re stressed. You’re in pain. And your Fitbit buzzing to get up for a little walk is only adding to the stress.

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It’s time to…

Choose Your Massage Experience

Whether an indulgent, luxury treatment or a clinical application that releases chronic pain, massage treatments BY STEFAN are tailored to your needs.

Acupressure Neck Massage

The Spa Effect Swedish Massage

An indulgent, Swedish-based massage treatment designed for busy, tired professionals.

Price: £60/hour

The Bodyworks Sports Massage

A transformative massage designed for sports and dance performers, fitness enthusiasts and those that endure long, sustained physical efforts.

Price: £65/h

Shoulder Treatment
Massage Therapy

The Re-Balance Deep Tissue

A powerful and deeply alleviating experience created for long-sufferers of chronic pain, old injuries and those that feel trapped by restrictive motor conditions.

Price: £65/h

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

The MLD is a medically recognised treatment, typically included in aftercare plans to promote faster recovery and reduce post-operative complications. It is popular with clients recovering from surgery and those that struggle with imbalances caused by the lymphatic system.

Price: £65/h

Back Massage

Why a massage with me is different


My extensive knowledge ensures that the massage I offer you addresses exactly what you need, from specific pain relief to overall rejuvenation. 


As your therapist, I have a singular focus—to restore wellness through massage. I will support you on your medical and wellness journey and I’m here to help you feel better.


No need for you to travel, wait for the right time or call a babysitter. Whether it is for recovery, relaxation or pain relief, your healing happens in the comfort of your home.


How it works

#1 Book: We get in touch via text or call and discuss your needs as well as when you prefer to have your first session. If we’ve never met before, we will have a mini assessment over the phone.


#2 Meet: I come with my massage table to your preferred location: home, hotel room or office. 


#3 Relax: While you get ready, and I prepare our therapy setup, we talk about how the session will unfold. You then get to relax and enjoy the experience.


#4 Venue: Please make sure the venue is well ventilated, has enough space to install the table and move around it and is equipped with a hand washing facility. Please also prepare 3 large towels.


#5 Modesty level: We only need to expose the areas that we work on at that moment. You can keep your body covered with a towel to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.


Please note this is not a sexual service. Any invitations or solicitations of a sexual nature can be deemed as harassment and may be reported to authorities.

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