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By Stefan©

Corporate & Events

Massage experiences for your office or events

We bring holistic wellness to your office or moments of pampering to make your event a memorable experience!


Whether team, friends or event guests everyone will thank you for this relaxing experience in the hands of a qualified and experienced massage therapist!

By Stefan© Corporate and Events


Benefits for the employer

✔️ No. 1 most loved employee benefit

✔️ Great for team building, days away, Christmas parties, or conferences

✔️ A happier team becomes a productive team

✔️ Lower absence related to poor health

✔️ Less ‘quiet quitting’ when your team feels appreciated

✔️ Better retention means less turnover costs

Benefits for the employee

✔️ Reduces and prevents back pain, a frequent problem for office workers

✔️ Relieves tension headaches 

✔️ Calms stress and promotes better teamwork and communication 

✔️ Improves creative thinking and problem solving

✔️ Raises team morale and productivity

✔️ Boosts the immune system and energy level

Neck Massage

Massage experiences for your office or events

Chair massage

The right option if…

  • You have minimal space and require a set up with minimal space 

  • You are looking for a short treatment, that fits seamlessly into the working routine

  • Your workplace is not suitable for removing items of clothing

  • You need fast, easy, oil-free massage sessions without much office disruption



Duration: 15 min / person

Modesty level: fully clothed

Lotion: no oils or lotions used

Table Massage

The right option if… 

  • You can accommodate a massage table in the office, or a separate room

  • You want to create a fun experience in the office, or to impress clients at your event

  • You want an indulgent treatment with a lasting impact to your employees’ wellbeing 

  • You are looking for that employee benefit that makes your team feel truly rewarded



Duration: 30 mins / person

Modesty level: partial undress

Lotion: fast absorbing lotion

Choose from

Foot Massage

How it works

#1  We travel to your office and bring the equipment

#2  We ask your team or guests to complete a short consultation form

#3  We leave your staff or guests relaxed and tension-free so that they feel happier and more productive


Tel: 07428 337 970

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